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Welcome to The Barefoot Archives,

The site dedicated to barefooting women. The brave women that go barefoot everywhere; in the city, the forest, while shopping, driving, a night out or playing sports.

What do we offer?
- Almost daily updates
- Thousands of exclusive photos
- Lifetime membership for only $14.50 (no recurring costs)

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The Lifetime membership concept
At the Barefoot Archives we only offer a lifetime membership. When you decide to become a member you will receive an accesscode that will last forever. So no recurring costs. Join once for just $14.95, access forever!

Our Themes
We feature women going barefoot on a variaty of locations. A few of our themes are shown on the left. A lot more can be found in our member section. You can join us here.
Within the themes we have:

Candids: Pictures of real life barefoot women. These women go barefoot because they like it.

Models: At the Barefoot Archives we are always looking for good looking models willing to walk barefoot in public. As member you can request custom shoots.

Wives & girlfriends: A lot of members contributed pictures of there girlfriends or wives. These women are going barefoot because there husbands like it. And we are sure you will enjoy it too. What's sweeter than a girl going barefoot for her man?

Celebs: A lot of celebs are going barefoot these days.and luckily there is always  paparazzi to capture them. Check to see if your favorite celeb is among them