Welcome to The Barefoot Archives,

The site about barefooting women. The women you'll see on this site walk barefoot everywhere, in the city, the forest, while shopping. Just everywhere. Getting there soles nice and dirty.
Here at the barefoot archives we've got a mission. That's to be the biggest site on the net about barefooting women. It's important to know that this is a non-profit site. The low membership fee ($8/month) will only be jused to pay for new photoshoots. You can also join for free by contributing pictures of barefooting women. These pictures have to be original. Details can be found here.
What do we offer our members?
- 2 updates a week
- thousands of exclusive photos and.... scroll down
Customshoots: Here at the barefoot archives, members are the boss. That's why everymonth a member gets the change to write a scenario for a shoot, we will execute.
What else do we offer? See below for samples or click here.
The Barefoot Archives
The Models: The barefoot archives team is always looking for new good looking girls who are willing to walk barefoot before our camera. Because this is a non profit site every penny we make will be jused to do new shoots. A lot of these shoots are custom shoots, you get to decide what we shoot. If you like girls barefoot in the snow, in the forest or in the city or maybe you're into extreme barefooting. Just ask an we will do it!
Barefoot Wives: A lot of members contributed pictures of there girlfriends or wives. These women are going barefoot because there husbands like it. We are sure you'll enjoy these exclusive pictures. What's sweeter than a girl going barefoot for here man?
Barefoot Candids: At the barefoot archives we feature a lot of candid pictures of real live barefooters. These girls walk barefoot because they like it. It's part of there lifestyle. Our photographers always carry there camera with them so they never miss a great shot!
Barefoot Celebs: A lot of celebs are going barefoot these days. Notorious barefooters are Nicole Ritchie, Sienna Miller, Pamela Anderson & Britney Spears. But other celebs like Nicole Kidman, Megan Fox, the Olson twins and Hilary Duff are spotted barefoot too. Check in the box if your favourite celeb is a barefooter.
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